Corrections for maddy laine, maddy kids, and maddy kidspatterns are listed in order by Pattern Number.

We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.

ML055 Summer Sampler
K1, P1 Twisted Rib (odd number of stitches)
Eliminate the “k1” at the end of Row 2.

Shape Neck
Cont in Patt E, work 46 (51,54, 56) sts…
…then dec 1 st 3 (3, 4, 4) times …
Work even in Patt E on rem34 (39, 41, 43) sts of each shoulder

ML112 Hearts n’ Bobbles
Third line should read –
“Change to larger needles and est patt sts as foll:
1 (2, 4) sts Patt A, 13 sts Patt B, 21 sts Patt C, 13 sts Patt B, 1 (2, 4) sts Patt A.”

Eliminate the instruction –
“Matching front edges and center backs, join cast on edge of collar to neck edge.”

ML127 Knit Knit Hooray!
Third and fourth line should read –
“piece measures (8, 8, 10“/20, 20, 25cm) {10¾, 10¾, 10¾, 11¾”/27, 27, 27, 30cm} from beg.”

HOOD DIAGRAM should show these same measurements for the lower section of HOOD.

ML130 Garden Paths
Last sentence should read –
Cont as for left front, reversing neck shaping, beg on Row 41 (41, 51) of Chart 1. 

ML141 Big Band Knit
RIGHT FRONT/Shape Armhole
First line should read –
(WS) Bind off 4 (4, 5, 5, 5) sts at beg of row (armhole edge), p to end. Next row: K.”

RIGHT FRONT/Shape Shoulder
*(WS) Bind off 6 (7, 7, 8, 9) sts at beg of row, p to end. Next row: K.

FINISHING/Front Placket Bands
After completion of the front bands, the buttonhole band is placed over the button band and the lower edges of both bands are joined to the lower edge of the placket opening of the front.

ML143 Just Plain Easy (1)
Measurement on FRONT and BACK diagram between end of ribbing and beginning of armhole decreases should read:
10¼  (10¼, 11, 11½, 11¾)”/26 (26, 28, 29, 30)cm

ML145 Blue Knit Special
Chain Stitch
Bring the needle to the right side.
Reinsert the needle where thread emerges and come up ¼”/1cm ahead.
While needle is still in fabric, place thread counter-clockwise around it.
Draw the needle through.
This chain stitch can be worked over the pick up stitch row on the front bands, if
a neater finish is desired.

ML151 Vest Alternative
Disregard the last sentence of the first paragraph –
“Cont to work as for right front, reversing all shapings.”

RIGHT FRONT – Shape V-Neck and Armhole
Disregard the last “1” in the instruction – 2 sts 1 (1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1)

ML154 Little Miss Shrug
Disregard the “(RS)” on the fourth line after Next Row, as the WS of work is now facing.

ML166 Girl’s Smart Topper
BACK/Shape Cap Sleeves
Third line should read – “Work even in patt st until piece measures …”

ML169 Topsy Girly
Pattern B – I-Cord
With dp needles, cast on 4 sts.
Row 1 *K4. Do not turn. Slide stitches to right end of needle. Rep from *.
Bind of all sts.

ML170 Pretty Lacey Cardi
hen working Chart 1, you will work through the chart (Rows 1- 24) twice, as shown in garment photo.
It is helpful to check off rows on Chart 1 as completed, as well as keep note of the total number of chart rows completed.

ML172 Layer It Light
Work the first 6 rows in garter st, then continue to shape the sleeve cap working in stockinette (stocking) stitch.

ML174 Lacey Curves
BACK/Shape Neck
Fourth line should read – “each neck edge twice – 20 (21, 24, 26, 29) sts on …”

ML180 Life’s A Beach Sweater
First line should read – “With RS facing and circ needle, beg at bottom of right armhole opening…”

ML184 Men’s Jacket Cardi
Final stitch count should read – “Bind off rem 29 (37, 37, 47, 53) sts.

RIGHT FRONT/Shape Armhole and Begin Pattern C
Next row (RS)
Next row (WS) Bind off 5 sts, k2, p2, *k3, p2; rep from *, end k3 – 48 (53, 58, 63, 68) sts.

ML205 Knit Some Summer
If you have purchased this pattern from Ravelry or Lovecrafts, you will find an updated version of the chart pattern in the Library section of your account.




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